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Repairs & Rebuilds

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Street: Service

Freshen up includes: inspection, disassembly, 4 new bearings, 4 new double lip Teflon seals, installing and timing gears and re-assembly of blower.

Freshen up 671-871 Stage 1 Blower

Stage 2 blower  Add for HA on Rotors & 
                                                       Case Interior

Add for re-polishing blower

Street: Core Rebuild

Complete rebuild on a diesel 671 core with stock plates includes: inspection, disassembly, 4 bearings, 4 new double lip seals, new bolts, new cast front and rear bearing plates (unpolished), setting the front, rear and bottom clearances, installing and timing gears, machining blower case (if necessary) and re-assembly of the blower.

Complete 671 rebuild



Add for polishing blower


Add new cast front cover unpolished, with sight gauge & PR valve 



Blower re-strip service includes: inspection, disassembly, re-stripping rotors, timing verification and re-assembly of blower.

Re-strip 671-1471 stage 3 (6pt) blower



Re-strip 671-1471 stage 4 (18pt) blower



Add 4 new competition bearings and 4 new double lip teflon seals



Preliminary repair and rebuild charges are subject to change upon condition and inspection of the blower by BDS. There will be a hazardous material charge of $25.00 if blowers are sent in with oil in the front cover.         Updated 8/2015