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Cam Applications

Blower Drive Service Co. is a developer of products as well as a user of these same products. Working for years with camshaft technology, we have perfected numerous camshaft profiles specifically engineered for the performance enthusiast. Too often, a recommended "blower cam" is simply a "cam", called a blower cam. These profiles do not optimize performance. Camshafts are "application sensitive", and the needs of a given motor are best satisfied with proper camshaft selection. With over 39 years of blower experience, the BDS technical staff will assist you in selecting a camshaft to maximize your performance needs.

Each of our "maximum effort blower camshaft designs" develop high torque at the front end of the RPM scale and extend this torque throughout the RPM range. The hydraulic "blower cam" profiles provide the luxury of maintenance free operation, providing rough and controllable idle characteristics with the broad torque band and excellent power. All of this performance is available without over-taxing the valve train. Fuel economy is always possible if you control your enthusiasm with the gas pedal!

Our solid lifter profiles offer improved performance over hydraulic designs while extending the RPM range and maximizing both torque and horsepower. Rough and controllable idle is normal, while use of automatic transmissions with higher than stock stall speeds work well with this design. There are numerous profiles for both the hydraulic and solid lifter camshafts. Extended "valve train life" with optimum performance" becomes reality with these blower cam profiles. View the list of cam specifications, and read their descriptions. You will notice the cam lift of the intake valve is lower than that of the exhaust valve. This is true with the intake & exhaust valve duration as well. This relationship extends the exhaust valve breathing. This extended exhaust valve breathing is required in a supercharged motor.

Roller camshaft profiles allow maximum performance! Rapidly opening valves and higher valve lift is possible with a roller camshaft design. More life and duration, combined with faster opening and closing valves, mean greater air flow. Greater air flow means more power is possible. We recommend you use this type of camshaft profile in any all-out performance efforts. These roller cams reduce valve train friction, but usually require very heavy valve spring pressures. This increase in spring pressure make higher RPM and faster acceleration possible. This added valve train load shortens over all valve train life, and increases valve guide wear. Reduced spring life is common as well. These symptoms are expected and common in any high performance or racing application. Due to the high maintenance and short life expectancy, BDS recommends that you limit the use of these roller camshaft designs to maximum racing applications only!